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The Gospel of Mary Magdalene (2013)

The Gospel of Mary Magdalene (2013)

$ 395.00 $ 250.00

Unframed; 16" x 24" Special Price
Signed; Unframed; 24" x 36" Special Price
Framed; 16" x 24" SPECIAL PRICE
Signed; Framed; 24" x 36" SPECIAL PRICE
Created by Michael Schwab, this poster commemorates San Francisco Opera's commission of The Gospel of Mary Magdalene by composer Mark Adamo, which premiered in June 2013. Schwab, a Marin County resident and one of our country's leading graphic artists, dynamically captures our lifestyle through his iconic posters, images and logos for the Golden Gate National Parks, Major League Baseball, Robert Mondavi, Peet's Coffee, Muhammad Ali, Nike, and others.