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19 Mar

We don't have wooden benches at the War Memorial Opera House!

Posted by Jay Stebley

If you've ever made the pilgrimage to the citadel of all things Wagner, the Bayreuth Festspielhaus, you know that this extraordinary theater, dedicated to the works of its founder, is unique in its design which optimizes sound over visibility (the stage has a double proscenium which, in Wagner's words, creates a "mystic gulf" between the action and the audience). The seats are notoriously hard but contribute to the wonderful acoustics of auditorium. Attendees will tell you that four evenings devoted to the Ring Cycle are a challenge to even a Wagner fanatic's posterior!

No such problem in the War Memorial Opera House, home to San Francisco Opera and its monumental presentation of Wagner's magnum opus! Since new and cushy seats were installed in 2015, the total 18-hour four-evening length of this epic should prove no difficulties for those disinclined to sit for long periods.

Wagner takes over the Opera Shop for the month of June.  Please visit us during those all-too-brief intervals during, before and after the performances to see what's new in the world of Wagner adulation and merchandise!

Hab einen guten Flug, Walküren!